2020 will be Classic Blue

Pantone Color Institute, the great world reference in color research, has selected a classic color tone as next year’s color. The global uncertainty, they say, needs the color of nightfall that invites reflection on what will happen next.

Shades of blue from the Rainbow 15 x 15 cm. porcelain stoneware collection by Pissano Cerámica

Classic Blue 19-4052. This is the name and surname of the color of the year for this 2020, according to Pantone Color Institute. This authority on color from New Jersey (United States) has been painting each year in one color for two decades and its opinion is followed with devotion by decorators, designers, interior designers…

For Lurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, this classic blue reminds her of the evening sky and anticipates “what will happen next”. It was not a random appointment but the closing of a cycle, since in 1999 – a year of uncertainty before the change of millennium – another blue color was selected, cerulean. Twenty years later, the instability that has swept the world from Hong Kong to Syria has led Pantone to opt for the classic blue that brings, explains Pressman, peace of mind and confidence to an uncertain global environment.

The sensations surrounding classic blue

During the presentation of the Color of the Year, Pantone made an effort to make classic blue more than just a color. A sensory dimension to the color of 2020 with a fragrance of sky and sea, a taste of flowering vines or blue raspberry syrup, a soft and velvety touch, like that of a new and luxurious sofa, and the sound of vivid nostalgia.

Live in classic blue

The color of 2020 is easy to incorporate into your daily life. Accessories such as a scarf, a watch strap or a candle will serve to follow this year’s color trend.

In the Rainbow porcelain stoneware collection by Pissano Cerámica we find this 15×15 cm Electra floor model.

In the Urban Chic porcelain stoneware by Pissano Cerámica we find this vintage floor model, Fontenay Blue 15×15 cm.

In your home, a vintage floor in blue highlighting the hydraulic tiles or wall tiles with personality according to the dictates of the Pantone Institute of Color. You can check more ceramic ideas in this Classic Blue and in other accompanying colors by clicking here.

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