A sky blue 2020

While our homes and closets are being prepared for the fall, the color gurus have anticipated the chromatic variety we will see during 2020. And the chosen one has been: the blue of the sky. So says the Color Institute, from Pantone, one of the highest authorities in color research in the world and to which they obeyed feet together designers, brands, decorators, architects, interior designers…

The sky blue for 2020 takes over from the classic blue of 2020 and so Pantone follows the same chromatic line in its forecast for next season.

The blue of the sky is in fashion. Pantone points out that it will not only be the light blue we have in our heads, but all the shades of blue seen in the sky, from sunrise to sunset. A wide range of shades from light blue to turquoise.

And how do we take advantage of blue at home?

A safe bet for the bathroom. The blue of the sea, of the sky, of calm… oozes tranquility and serenity for one of the most intimate corners of our home. Powder blue will make a small bathroom bigger, but if what we want is to add character we will choose a darker shade. And, if in addition, we combine it with white we get more light.

A daring challenge for living rooms, halls or larger rooms in our home. An intense blue marks a house with style and personality.

And in the kitchen, a strip of blue combined with other shades of blue to gray creates a cozy atmosphere with a retro and nostalgic feel.

The forecast for the chromatic future points to colors that are close to nature as color companions of the year. Greens in all their shades, especially the brightest, will also be a trend for fashion, design and decoration in 2020. These trends also approach the calm and natural shades that raw colors and recycling breathe.

Here we leave you with the trends, now it’s time to put them into practice.

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