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Reinvent your Christmas

Another Christmas is possible and this year we will have the proof. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandchildren… will not be together at the table, family from afar will not bring gifts, the usual friends will not show up by surprise… but it will still be Christmas. And while we wait for all these moments to return, let’s invent new ones.

Fall colors inside the home

A boring fall? Nothing could be further from the truth. The fall is a burst of colors and contrasts. Deep reds mix with powdered yellows and oranges on a de-tuned carpet of browns and greens. Nature offers us a wide range of decorations that are also in trend.

We get back to work

Starting Tuesday April 14th at Pissano Cerámica we resume production. Our logistics center and commercial department will be fully operational to manage all national and international demands.
We want this health emergency situation to pass as soon as possible and together we will recover normality.

Special service due to COVID-19

In accordance with the new regulations for the transport of goods, authorized by the Spanish Government during the health emergency, Pissano Cerámica will keep on sending national and international shipments. We will assist our customers by phone at 964 29 30 91 / 689 810 623, between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.


Pissano Cerámica contributes for this health crisis to end as soon as possible and, in compliance with the recent 10/2020 regulation dated March 29th decreed by the Spanish Government, we will remain closed until April 10th.


Dear customers, at Pissano Ceramic we comply with all the recommendations suggested by the Ministry of Health during these exceptional days and, following all the prevention and hygiene protocols, we will carry on supplying all the orders that our customers may need.

Classics are timeless

In the 21st century we are still admiring the designs that have left their mark for their originality and, above all, for their functionality. The things which have marked a revolution for, in addition to being useful, being beautiful, well deserve eternity.


Like that place reserved for noting down original projects or outlines which one day you will benefit from. Here we value interesting ideas that help you create pleasant surroundings and enjoy the space you are in.