• Alborán

    The living room is our favorite area of the house: the heart of the home.

  • Alborán

    Cooking is an amazing adventure, and our kitchen is the perfect place for sharing it with friends or family.

  • Alborán

    With such a busy life, this is the perfect place to restore calm.

  • Alborán

    We love this place, we enjoy it with family and friends.


Earth, water, and fire. This is the true essence and origin of ceramics. Born and spread by the peoples who lived and developed their civilizations on both shores of the Mediterranean.

The Alboran series is inspired precisely by this Mediterranean essence, recreating in its line pieces that evoke a smooth hand-labored glazed clay, with a color palette ranging from the traditional and bright white, to the warm and evocative blue and aquamarine, fused to the trendiest grey colors, which make it capable of tackling any decorative project.

With this line, Pissano cerámica takes us to the “timeless” kitchens and bathrooms. Its variety of formats and two finishes allow us to achieve nostalgia-filled settings, which will undoubtedly give us an idea of the home we live in. But it also allows us to achieve the most current settings, satisfying the decorative needs that a modern space requires. Alboran is able to confer a young and dynamic air to any room.

Simple and elegant, current and fresh – that is the Alboran series, a perfect union between tradition and avant-garde.

Perfect union between tradition and design