• Fontenay Blue Fontenay Red

    “Leather, wood and wide spaces define this industrial look environment, where Fontenay rescues it from the past to make it more current than ever.”

  • Fontenay Blue

    “Classic style is more present than ever. Speaking about this style is speaking about Fontenay, which imprints it with character and contributes to achieving a romantic air.
    Don’t forget the natural plants!.”


Urban Chic Collection, suggests us to play with our imagination and develop our own style and personality, where the mixture of colors and bold designs is perfectly combined with pieces, formats and elements of classic style.

With this collection, Pissano offers a wabi sabi full of color, a nod to industrial style, updated vintage, and a renewed classic more present than ever.  Small formats that, thanks to their rich design, make the spaces great. Bold colors that fill them with light, but at the same time are capable of recovering the most traditional environments.

Pissano has achieved the perfect fusion between vintage and contemporary; urban and functional character at its purest. This new proposal only reinforces our primary goal: to recover and update the ceramics from yesterday and always.

Urban Chic