• Porcelain skirting

    White Matt 8×60 cm

  • Porcelain skirting

    White Matt 10×60 cm

White matt porcelain skirting

No one is unaware of the great advantages that a porcelain skirting has over other materials on the market. From a technical point of view, it offers greater resistance to impact and scratching, is easy to clean and remains unalterable over time.

Currently, there is a growing trend in the world of interior design to finish off wooden, laminate and cotto floors with a white skirting. Even in porcelain floors that have their own skirting, a white skirting is chosen. No other skirting can offer us the visual amplitude and integration into the space that a white skirting can.

This is why Pissano Cerámica, aware of this need, has decided to add these two new references to its catalogue.