Color trends for 2019

One of the top color authorities, the Pantone Institute, has dictated a chromatic sentence for next year: it will be the Living coral. An energetic, dynamic and hypnotic color with a touch of softness that, in the words of these New Jersey-based experts, is a bet on life.
For 20 years, the color experts at the Pantone Color Institute have been observing, researching and analyzing trends in art, design, entertainment, lifestyles, fashion… and dictating their annual color palette. A verdict with great influence on the purchasing decisions of multiple sectors.

Why coral is the color of 2019?

The Pantone research team has thought of coral color as a fusion of habits and modern life. The executive director of this renowned institute, Leatrice Eiseman, says that this color is very present in social networks because of its positivism and adds: “Consumers yearn for human interaction and social connection; therefore, the humanizing and comforting qualities of Living Coral generate a positive response.”

The colors that will be trend

Located in the warm part of the chromatic circle, the coral is halfway between red and orange. Ideal for focusing the glances in corners, accessories… It’s a demanding color that can give a lot of play if we find the right partners: Whites, beiges or greys are the perfect canvas for coral to shine with all its energy creating modern environments. Light and exotic greens or darker greens are opposed to coral and fit perfectly, so it is best to use them sparingly. The calm of the dark blue is complemented with the vitality of the color of the year creating more adult and elegant environments. And the brown, another canvas on which to highlight the strength of the coral, could not be missing.

The Rainbow collection by Pissano Cerámica offers floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware and in the colors that best capture the vitality of this Living Coral, the color of 2019. Check out the Rainbow collection here.

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