With mediterranean character

We can already sense the spring sun and, with it, the Mediterranean essence awakens from its winter slumber. We owe to the ancient inhabitants of the coast the virtues of our lifestyle that, after a year of global pandemic, we are about to recover.

2021 will shine in yellow and gray

The health crisis has marked the choice of colors that will be most worn this year. In a wink to optimism and hope, the Pantone Color Institute has selected the joy of yellow and the solidity of gray as the colors of this 2021.

Reinvent your Christmas

Another Christmas is possible and this year we will have the proof. Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandchildren... will not be together at the table, family from afar will not bring gifts, the usual friends will not show up by surprise... but it will still be Christmas. And while we wait for all these moments to return, let's invent new ones.

Happy homes, now is the time

More than two months at home have given you time to enjoy it but also to find flaws in it. Now we have the opportunity to make the house even more ours. Some tips to achieve this.

Urban ceramics, a trend in intelligent cities

By 2030, 60% of the world's population will live in cities. We are going to be many in little space, which is why it is so important to create functional and welcoming urban environments. Ceramics, resistant, non-slip and with great aesthetic versatility, has become an essential ally of urban architects.
Living Coral es el color del 2019

Color trends for 2019

Coral will be the star color of the coming months. It is a demanding color that needs suitable allies to show its energy. Here we suggest the color trends for this year.
Revestimiento cerámica artesanal

Handcrafted ceramics, a jewel of decoration

Interior designers and architects consider "handmade" and everything that evokes tradition in a context of modernity and technology to be a luxury
Azulejos hidráulicos con motivos florales y geométricos

Decoration on hydraulic tiles: from acanthus flowers to 3D effects

Floral or geometric motifs. Modernism brands hydraulic floor decoration in the twentieth century. A precedent that is now a trend in decoration.