Fall colors inside the home

Fall arrives accompanied by the fall of leaves on the trees and the change of shades in the landscape. An opportunity for a change of scenery, also at home. Experts are betting on the colors of nature for this 2021 and fall offers us a fantastic opportunity. Beyond brown, this season of the year is also drawn in strong ochers and reds, bluish greens, yellows, purples and magentas. Temperatures drop outside and interiors gain prominence. Our favorite rooms of the fall…

The living room calls for warmer colors, tasty textures and materials that give us comfort. The colors of the 2020-2021 fall/winter season are inspired by nature. The shades of earth and gold are responsible for giving light on days when the sun seems reluctant. Terracotta, tile or brown tints gain strength and provide warmth.

Windsor Calacatta · Windsor Roble

The kitchen, at the heart of the family’s activity in fall, collects the energy of orange, the strength of green in deep shades and the joy of the subdued yellows. In this case, wood is the neutral material capable of driving the fall palette.

Lahore Coffee · Rainbow Marrón

And the studio will now be our most personal space. Fall inspires us to approach fluffy fabrics and natural fibers. Floor and walls with neutral colors, subtle and soft but always botanical: gentle pink, off-white and timeless gray. Furniture and decoration in greenish, blueish and magenta shades.

Alborán Blanco Brillo

A bouquet of dried flowers is a must, and if it’s near some botanical prints, it will be spectacular. Fall has arrived, also inside the house. Let’s enjoy it!

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