Handcrafted ceramics, a jewel of decoration

Beveled tiles, wooden beams, old hydraulic tiles and hand-painted strokes in combination with simple cut lamps equipped with sensory technology to create different sensations, straight and functional furniture… tradition mingles with the most modern things.
The professionals in dressing the spaces in which we move every day now focus on devising neutral, functional and welcoming environments, where they highlight decorative elements that evoke tradition, for having inherited a historical know-how, and originality, for having avoided mass production.

Handcrafted ceramics, decorative counterpoint

An example is the cafeteria El Colmado in Úbeda (Jaén) designed by Welcome Design studio. A Nordic and cozy atmosphere in which a material that evokes the handcrafted tiles in the most important walls of the space stands out. Ceramics – in an intense ocean tone – is the counterpoint to the light wood that floods the premises, to the wallpaper and to the black linear structures drawn by pillars and shelves. Handmade ceramics in front of current straight lines and friendly materials.

To the personality that handcrafted tiles imprint on the rooms, we add the advantages of a highly resistant porcelain material and thus we obtain the Alborán collection of Pissano. Always available in stock so that tomorrow you can have your jewel inspired by craftsmanship.
See here the models from the Alborán collection by Pissano.

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