Happy homes, now is the time

Your home has given you security in times of uncertainty and, lately, it has been a truly versatile space. The living room is a gym in the morning and an exciting cinema in the evening, the kitchen is a relaxed atmosphere for family cooking experiments, which don’t always go wrong. The office turns into an office or a school, depending on who enters to occupy it. And the balcony has re-emerged as a point of social recreation or personal meditation, depending on the time of day.

Windsor Calacatta 15×15 cm. · Windsor Roble 15×15 cm.

Your house loves you and now you can give back the happiness it has brought you.

In the last few months you have surely had time to go over, one by one, all the corners of your home and, even if it is mentally, you have written down changes that would make your home more yours.

Take advantage of the natural light and let nature in, it will give you more energy and make the rooms pleasant and bigger.

Choose a color palette that inspires you. A lot of chromatic variety alters and monochromy makes you sad. It is better to choose a range of shades according to your personality that includes some neutral and some more powerful ones that mark the contrast.

Select fabrics, paintings and accessories that renew spaces. You will be able to renew your home to feel even more comfortable in it.

Lahore Yellow 15×15 cm. · Rainbow Marengo 15×15 cm.

Reserve a corner for yourself. A little piece of home with its own name where you can go in search of peace and quiet.

Get your home to tell your personal story. Display photographs of your most special smiles, objects that you have been collecting for a long time, a forgotten antique…

Make your home beautiful for you and for your loved ones. It is your haven where you can go whenever you need to.

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