It’s time for terracing!

June brings good weather, warmer temperatures and longer days. It is at this time that the starting signal is given for something very much our own: “terracing”. 

The heat pushes us outdoors, puts us in a good mood and invites us to socialise. The get-togethers with family, friends and colleagues multiply, leaving behind the winter lethargy to which we have been subjected.

On a terrace, we enter a state of well-being that is difficult to explain, but relaxes us and provokes unique sensations.

Any pretext is a good one to extend our gatherings for endless nights, as if the clock were ticking, no matter if we have to get up early the next day, our whole perception of things changes on a terrace.

It doesn’t matter if we are in the city, in the mountains or at the beach, who doesn’t fall in love with a terrace?

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