2021 will shine in yellow and gray

The “Pantone Color of the Year” is a reflection of what is happening in our global culture and this year, more than ever, we need optimism and strength. So one of the greatest authorities on color in the world, the Pantone Color Institute, is sending us energy through yellow and gray.

“We need to feel that everything will become brighter”

Leatrice Eisdeman

Illuminating Yellow (Pantone 13-0647) is a warm, bright and cheerful shade that generates liveliness and effervescence; while Ultimate Grey (Pantone 17-5104) is a symbol of solid and reliable elements such as rocks and beach pebbles.

Color is a critical form of communication and brands are increasingly using it to connect with society, according to Leatrice Eisdeman, executive director of this American institute. Colors speak to us and this time they convey a message of resilience and hope.

“We need to feel encouraged and comforted; it is essential for the human soul”

Leatrice Eisdeman.

Lahore Yellow from the Urban Chic Collection, Pissano Cerámica.

Two colors that complement and highlight each other. An energizing combination, like Lahore Yellow from Pissano Cerámica, which will bring to our home the atmosphere of wellbeing that we now need.

Aranjuez series from the Rainbow Collection, Pissano Cerámca.

Lively combinations like the Aranjuez series that contrasts with the solid formats, in yellow and gray, that we find in the Rainbow Collection, also by Pissano Cerámica. If you want to see the different shades of yellow click here.

The trend in this 2021 in interior design and decoration is to emphasize the enjoyment of the house. Improving our favorite corners to be more ours and for that we have the energy of the colors of this 2021.

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