Project: a more livable home

Ignota studio has projected the refurbishment of this home located in the heart of the Mediterranean coast. “The general lines were clear from the beginning: to build a timeless, versatile and practical environment while preserving the essence of light and color that frame the Mediterranean,” says Diego Suarez, project designer. And the concept has materialized in a series of spaces with a common link, geometric shapes. An element of modernity in a welcoming environment that exudes Mediterranean life.

A mix of the freshest and most chameleonic collections of Pissano Cerámica, in the ceramic floor and wall tiles, have been the key to achieve the sensations of the sea also at home.

“We wanted to create Mediterranean, colorful and timeless spaces” Ignota

The kitchen has been the heart of the project, the vital center of the day to day life in the home. A large and open area with a peninsula kitchen and a bar with stools allows family gatherings while preparing food. Next to it, on a lower level, there is a table to keep the conversation going. Afterwards, the relaxation area enjoying the afternoon sun is the ideal space to recover energy.

Alborán Blanco Brillo 7,5×30 cm., Pissano Cerámica.

“In this case the kitchen has been transformed into the social center of the house, a warm and cozy space in which we wanted to make a nod to classics using ceramic material inspired by craftsmanship,” say Ignota. Honey-colored wood, marquina marble and rustic-finish ceramics contrast with the straight lines of the architecture. The Alborán collection, by Pissano Cerámica, evokes the Mediterranean essence in a glazed earthenware with a handmade appearance that brings us the warm, homey feeling of traditional kitchens.

“A colorful bathroom with reverse joints and ceilings with personality” Ignota.

Rainbow Blanco, Rainbow Verde 15×15 cm., Pissano Cerámica.

Eclectic style for the bathroom. Two-color play, white and dark green. “We have chosen to invert the colors in the grouting of the cladding, forming a grid that embraces the entire space and imposes itself strongly,” explains the designer. The shower is drawn by modulating the square white tile arranged up to half height. The Rainbow collection, by Pissano Cerámica, allows you to be creative with a traditional 15 x 15 cm format, its extensive chromatic range makes it possible to push creativity to the limit. In this case, the green ribs of the grid, rising from the floor, are lost in a solid green that rises to the ceiling creating the optical effect of a geometric box divided in half.

Alborán Blanco Brillo 7,5×30 cm., Electra 15×15 cm., Pissano Cerámica.

“Small spaces but full of geometry, color and life” Ignota.

A second, smaller bathroom, the challenge of the project. “It is a small space, but it could not go unnoticed. So we decided to go for optical sensations,” says Diego Suárez. Once again, another example of the creative flow of the Rainbow collection by Pissano Cerámica. In this case, the Electra Series. The striking colors and the 3D effect have transformed a small bathroom into a very powerful corner of the home. Indeed, the boldness of the concept is completed with a sky blue ceiling that, following the geometric pattern, gives continuity to the volume.

Mediterranean inspiration for a project that demanded freshness and modernity in the transformation of a cozy and versatile environment.

Project and photos Ignota Art & Copy

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