Reinvent your Christmas

The year 2020 brings us an alternative Christmas to the ones we have experienced so far. It is its farewell gift. We will be more at home, a reason to dress up our favorite corners and experience them differently. Reading in our favorite corner will be different if next to it we have some chocolate nougat bits…

Lahore Yellow · Rainbow Marengo

And having a coffee in the middle of the afternoon with some friends in the café we like so much will be more intimate. Sheltered by a welcoming, trusting atmosphere… as if we were at home, we can make plans for the future. Perhaps an exotic trip for next Christmas with a lot of friends that we have not been able to see…

Fontenay Blue · Fontenay Red

At Christmas this year, the home kitchen will be the meeting place. A lively talk and an aperitif before waving the year goodbye. We take this opportunity to send good wishes to our friends and family, this time from a distance but with the same amount of love. A surprise video call, an unexpected postcard in the mailbox or a basket left on the neighbor’s door are, without a doubt, gifts straight to the heart.

Lahore Coffee · Rainbow Choco

Windsor Calacatta · Windsor Marquina

Limitations are not barriers but rather incentives to be original and our challenge now is to prepare an alternative Christmas.

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