…and after a forced break, the reunions

Contained emotion, joy and expectation in the face of many questions: How will she be? Will time have treated her well? What will I do when I see her? Laura is assaulted by an infinite number of questions on her way to the terrace in the centre where she is meeting Monica. They haven’t seen each other for three months, which felt like three years even though they live in the same city…

A few blocks away, Miriam is happy. She has just met her grandmother Angela after a long time apart…

Much further away, the airport arrivals panel already announces the landing of the flight from Berlin. Alvaro gets ready to welcome Lidia while he plays nervously with a small box. It has been more than 3 months since they have seen each other and in their last meeting many issues were left pending: Will she have made a final decision? He has thought about everything. In their favorite cafeteria at the airport, where they have met and said goodbye so many times, they will finish that conversation…

And hundreds of miles away, Miguel is waiting in the retro ice cream parlor on the promenade for Sergio to arrive in a few minutes. Three months ago, right there, they planned a trip that they had to suspend but that, without a doubt, now they are going to reorganize or Miguel is waiting for it. Will he be as excited as I am?

10 minutes later. All of them resume their lives after the break the world has taken. On a cozy terrace, with a geometric flower floor that reminds them of their childhood, Laura and Monica talk cheerfully. In a modernist style kitchen, with those tiles that evoke the walls of the New York subway, Miriam bakes cookies with her grandmother.

The light of the wicker lamp draws on the damask on the wall of the cafeteria the silhouette of Lidia and Alvaro, hand in hand, making plans for the future. In the brightest ice cream parlor on the promenade, on top of the bench covered with ceramic with funny hypnotic shapes, dozens of travel brochures are accumulated that Miguel and Sergio move in search of the perfect option…

Now it has been them but it could be any of our reunions for which we have looked for perfect scenarios. We have chosen safe, but also welcoming spaces that inspire confidence and where we feel at home because we are at home.

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