Tradition and modernity, antagonistic harmony in ceramics

Metro tile, glossy white and bevelled. A touch of nostalgia from the early twentieth century that combines their iconic antique style with the classicism of elegant veined marble and the modernity of the Nordic, wood-based and clear glass styles. It is an example of the combination of materials from various architectural periods, which, when gracefully crimped, decorate spaces that are truly stimulating to the senses.

The mix of contrasting elements belonging to different eras, styles and schools of thought are charming if there is a link connecting them, or a thread that guides the senses from one scene to another. And this is the trend in the interior design studios. Projects tell stories through a broad range of perceptions derived from an object, a colour, a piece of music or a scent…

The colour white is the link between modernity and tradition in this pharmacy in Benissa, Alicante. The quality of the wood acquires the main player by developing the central eye-catching item while, at the same time, distributing the lighting. Organic shapes that invigorate the room and empower modernity, reinforced by the straight lines of the shelving and pillars. On walls and floors, classic ceramic materials bring elegance, tradition and experience, as our metro tile of the Manhattan collection shows, and can make your project stand out in the retail sector, providing the nostalgic inspiration of a classic. Here you can find all the possibilities of the Manhattan collection from Pissano Cerámica.

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