Urban Chic, the ‘Freestyle’ of decoration

Being fashionable is out of fashion. Total stylistic freedom is cross-sectional in the world of the 21st century and, of course, also permeates the decoration.

You may like the functionality of Nordic style, but also the warmth of rustic and the breadth of industrial style… Urban Chic mixes decorative styles to transform a space into a personal identity.

Urban chic, an orderly disorder

Nothing could be further from an accumulation of objects for no reason and a bewildering combination of colors. Balance is key so that the freedom of Urban Chic style does not turn into aesthetic terrorism.

Nordic and vintage style in a room with 15×15 cm. porcelain stoneware from Lahore Collection, Pissano Cerámica.

Mastering the combination of styles helps the eye to become accustomed to detecting the most suitable mixtures. A limited color palette ensures good results. Color in Urban Chic is a good ally for unifying different styles. Dare with color!

Urban Chic kitchen with a clear commitment to color. Floor, Lahore Collection, Pissano Cerámica.

Integrating two or three styles will be enough for the same space. And its layout will be crucial so that it does not look like a dissemination of unconnected objects. A balanced distribution of styles in the different environments of the space guarantees the success of the proposal.

Let’s not forget proportionality. The freedom of Urban Chic style contemplates diversity of combinations but taking into account the similarity of the size of the decorative elements.

Classic and vintage decoration in this Urban Chic Café. Fontenay, Pissano Cerámica.

Functionality defines this eclectic style. Let’s mix but with a practical purpose that, at the same time, brings warmth to the room.

Urban Chic is the perfect excuse to fall in love again with your home. An opportunity to carry out a restyling of your home that gives prominence to what you like so much, recycling part of what has already lived with you. Take advantage of it!

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