We are back!

We return from a summer that we will remember as “atypical”. A vacation in which we may not have made the expected journey but we have taken advantage of it to feel our roots.

Rediscovering the town we haven’t been back to in years, finding that magical corner that has always been there and that we didn’t know about, visiting that place where we used to spend these hot months as children, when traveling by plane was still not as usual as taking a cab.

And how nice that feeling of reliving what is familiar to us after so many years… the narrow streets, the facades full of flowers and the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning remain the same, even though we are different. And when those memories come back, we are filled with confidence and endless freedom, the stress and worries vanish into thin air and we are finally on vacation.

We rediscover the appeal of authenticity, of what is ours, of what has always been there but has always been left for another moment. And surprised by the pleasure of the experience, we promise ourselves to repeat it sooner rather than later, proud of our roots and the treasures we carry with us as we set off for the end of this “atypical” summer.

A summer of sensations that has given us the strength to start a new season in which we will face challenges from which we will emerge victorious.

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