Mabelvale Primary School Media Center, Herron Horton Architects

What color should schools be?

Children prefer lively, bright, primary colors because they stimulate their attention and creativity. As they grow, they tend towards more solid and formal colors until they reach maturity, where sober tones are the most chosen.

. Blue, associated with productivity, conveys a sense of serenity too.

. Yellow, provides energy and suggests joy and warmth.

. Red, awakens the appetite, symbolizes strong emotions, passion and intensity.

. Brown, inspires confidence. It’s a practical color, reminiscent of the earth.

. White, related to large places, suggests purity and innocence.

Green, associated with calm, health, nature and money.

. Purple, evokes calm and relaxation, as well as rights, wealth, success and wisdom.

. Pink, related to warmth and calm, also to love and romance.

. Orange, it’s an eye-catching color. It also causes excitement, enthusiasm and caution.

. Black, the color of seriousness, mystery, authority, also associated with the unknown.

Colored Schools

And with all these data the building of schools points to a stimulation not only of knowledge but also creativity.

Warm and friendly entrances, only with the corporate colors of the center. Corridors with clear colors, which give amplitude and convey energy and optimism. Warm classrooms, designed for concentration, learning and coexistence. Herron Horton’s American architects have opted for this idea at Mabelvale Elementary School. Their challenge has been to create a space that encourages reading. To do so, they have used striking colors in vertical strokes, such as the spines of the books arranged on the shelves. Thus, the long corridors become fun and colorful labyrinths that lead to new adventures.

21st century architecture leads us to reflect on the reason for every detail, including color. Ceramics is an accurate solution to fill public spaces with color, because of its resistance and ease of maintenance. Pissano Cerámica offers an extensive chromatic range for floor tiles and wall tiles with its 15×15 Rainbow porcelain collection.

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