With mediterranean character

The temperature is already starting to rise a few degrees and we already imagine ourselves receiving the warmth of the sun on some terrace or recharging vitamin D next to the living room window… it’s in our Mediterranean DNA. The sun brings us wellbeing and vitality, and outdoor life emerges with it.

The preference for socializing, sharing and enjoying is a legacy of the cultures that have populated the Mediterranean coast. The special way of life of the Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs has been passed down from generation to generation, carrying the best of each one of them. It has become a lifestyle oriented to the balance of simplicity, health and pleasure… the good life.

We are Mediterraneans…

…because we are outgoing, affectionate and hospitable, even if we don’t know the person who receives our attentions.

…because we prefer a long table on a terrace full of healthy dishes and full of family members chatting lively conversations.

…because we enjoy a walk on the beach. Early in the morning to watch the sun rise or late in the afternoon to watch it disappear while the waves wash over our feet.

…because we let our thoughts wander as we try to figure out how far the horizon reaches

Pissano Fontenay Red

Fontenay Red · Rainbow Beige

Pissano Cerámica Miravent Naranja

Marivent Naranja

The Mediterranean character reaches far beyond the sea. The fields, the mountains, the rivers and their mouths… all the nature that grows next to it forms the environment where activity sprouts as soon as the spring sun rises. And that moment has already arrived. Mediterranean life awakens from its winter slumber. We are almost about to enjoy our ‘good life’ in all its fullness.

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